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One of the most interesting cities to visit in Poland is without a doubt Wroclaw.

It is called the city of 100 bridges, and also – the city of meetings.

It received its name due to the numerous bridges and parks.

Also, there is another attraction here, thanks to which any tourist, even arriving in Wroclaw for the first time, will be able to confirm that this is the “city of meetings”.

Who can I meet here?

Everything is very simple: these are the Wroclaw dwarfs, or as they are also called by their name, the krasnoludki.

These are small figurines made, as a rule, from bronze.

They are located throughout the city, sometimes in the most unexpected places – they can be found on the ground, buildings, window sills and even lampposts.

These little “city dwellers” have been living here for a long time and reflect the history and activities of the city.

The very first statue of the gnome was installed in 2001 in the city center.

This is “Papa dwarf” standing on a human’s fingertip.

The height of the statue is 40 cm.

The statue was installed in the memory of the Orange Alternative – the anti-communist underground group formed in Wroclaw in 1983.

One of its most famous movements was “a demonstration of dwarfs on Świdnicka Street”.

The sculpture “Papa gnome” got such a name, because this gnome is considered to be the progenitor of all the other dwarfs.

The city authorities decided not to limit themselves to just one statue, and to decorate Wroclaw, several other small dwarfs were later installed in the center.

Their height is only 20-30 cm, each gnome has its own name, its own history, and personifies an image.

Papa Gnome

The most famous of them are “Sisyphuses”, they are very popular among tourists.

These are two dwarfs rolling a ball. And they are standing on the opposite sides of this ball, one pushes it forward and the second – back.

So they are pushing the ball in the opposite directions at the same time.

Also among the very first gnomes installed in Wroclaw were the water carrier, the professor, the sleepwalker and the prisoner.


After the city authorities initiative, all the commercial companies of the city began to install such statues and the dwarfs came into fashion.

Dwarfs’ “professions” are mainly related to the activities of these enterprises.

This is also a marketing move, because organizations and companies thus attract the attention of tourists.

For example, a gnome with an appetizing dumpling pinned on a fork sits on the windowsill of one of the restaurants.

Gnome with a dumpling

Also in the city you can find such dwarfs as: Firefighters, Broker, Scientist, Plasterer, Banker, and many others.

In 2019, there are 382 dwarfs, ​​and their number is constantly increasing.

New ones appear all the time, but some statues become victims of vandals, some are stolen.

There are many different legends associated with the phenomenon of the city dwarfs.

According to one of them, the dwarfs have always lived in Wroclaw, just hiding from people.

According to another, in ancient times, people turned for help to the dwarfs to help them fight the evil creature that was living in the Oder River.

Nowadays, people believe that the dwarfs bring luck and prosperity to the city.

If you come across a dwarf statuette, then you need to rub it, and it will also bring you good luck.

Undoubtedly, the dwarfs are the pride and joy of the city. These little inhabitants are an important part of it. Wroclaw is considered to be the capital of the dwarfs in Poland.

Every autumn in September in Wroclaw an international festival dedicated to the dwarfs takes place.

But even if you could not get to this festival, do not be upset.

At any time, tourists are offered special maps with routes to search for dwarfs.

And if you are bored with walking alone on the streets, then the tour desk can arrange real excursions to search for dwarfs, and even quests.

Such entertainment will be interesting not only for adults but also for children.

Dwarfs are not large in size, so its easier for kids to notice them, and they really easily and with great interest cope with this task.

Dwarfs are located throughout the city.

And even if you still do not notice their presence, and do not look for them deliberately to take pictures, all the same, sooner or later they will find you somewhere on the streets.

You can meet them one by one, or in company with other dwarfs. For example, There two gnomes together a gnome-musician and a gnome music lover.

According to some tourists, the search for dwarfs is a very interesting activity.

The gnome search is so addictive that tourists forget to see other sights of the city, because they just ignore them keep searching for the gnomes.

Wroclaw’s dwarfs video

In Poland, people even created a special website where you can find all the dwarfs, their location, name and history.

And since we live in the mobile phone era modern technology gives us even a special mobile application that can help find all the dwarfs.

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