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Which festival is better: a festival of light or music, and maybe even a festival of ideas? And if all this is combined, then it turns out – Vivid Sydney or Bright Sydney – the festival, which takes place, as the name implies, in the city of Sydney, Australia.

Almost three weeks from May to June, various light and laser show installations, performances by international musicians, as well as a forum where famous speakers and thinkers give lectures take place in this city. You can participate in master classes.

As planned by the organizers of the festival, art should be accessible to all comers, regardless of status or origin. Although some master classes still remained paid and you can visit them for 10 Australian dollars and above.

The main building on which light installations are designed is traditionally Sydney Opera House. As in 2009, when the festival was born, light performances are projected onto the walls of the building.

To date, the festival has become one of the largest in the world. The number of visitors has long exceeded 2 million and at least brings to the local economy $ 143 million.

If the performances from the Sydney Opera House are visible from afar, then to see the other smaller installations that are scattered around the entire harbor, you should use a special map, where participants of the festival are marked.

The festival is not only visual, but also interactive. So at one of the locations you can interact with the other 5th participant and with the help of musical cubes, which are responsible for the rhythm, tempo, musical instrument to make your own melody, which will be heard and appreciated by the surrounding audience.

In 2015, another interesting project was shown – “The Heart of the City”. He represented a huge chair, on which the participant sat down and inserted his fingers into special holes near the chair, if he did everything correctly, the chair would catch the heartbeat and glow in his rhythm. When a participant notices how the stools glow, his heartbeat increases and the stool flashes even brighter and glows along with a rapid heartbeat.

Every year more and more new locations like the zoo and the Sydney Botanical Garden join the garden.

Some tourists still criticize the festival for too complicated for the understanding of a simple inhabitant images that artists and creatives want to convey, depicting different metaphysical scenes and pictures. But in any case, it all looks spectacular and bright, which corresponds to the name of the festival.

For those who are already tired of taking pictures, they can eat in specially designated places, relax and enjoy the evening with a glass of mulled wine.

After a rest, you can continue to get acquainted with the rest of the interesting installations.

So the project “Earth” will show you the planet from space, and adding sounds to special sounds, and the second concept will create for you the sensations experienced by astronauts, looking at the earth through the porthole.

To get to the festival itself is best on foot or using public transport.

Specify the dates in advance, usually it starts at the end of May somewhere around 24-25 and the festival ends on June 15-16.

Prepare a camera and an extra battery for it. At the festival, you simply open your mouth from amazement and will stop at every step to take photos of luminous trees or giant turtles.

Over the course of 2 kilometres, various installations of light and sound have been installed, and even the organizers themselves do not know what will happen this year.

So, even if you were at the Sydney festival last time and you have a chance to visit again, use it and you will not be disappointed.

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