Hi everyone, I’m Andrew and I would like to say some words about cities that I visited in Ukraine.

Thank you Great Wonders for this opportunity.

Lots of people visit Ukraine in order to see Chernobyl.

Really popular place among foreign tourists.

Also, the great places to visit are the capital of Ukraine Kyiv and the well-known tourist city Lviv.

And I want to show you another small but very ancient town not far from Kyiv.

How to get there.

Most of all you will land in Kyiv so you will need to get to the metro and reach Lesnaya station.

Here you will find some shuttles called ‘marshrutka’. It took me one hour and forty minutes to get to Chernihiv.

The entrance to the town is vey beautiful and it is also its center.

What to see

As I mentioned before Chernihiv is very ancient town, it is 1500 years old.

That is why there are many orthodox churches from medieval times.

When you enter the town first thing that attracts your eyes is the St. Katherine church with gold domes.

It was built in 1715 and became a town’s landmark.

I was lucky as I came here on the day of some kind of entrepreneurial festival.   

So, two hundred meters away from St. Katherine church there was an exhibition and trade fair.

I took advantage of the opportunity and bought a couple of souvenirs for my friends.

There were many local companies with their products and artist selling handmade dolls, baskets, paintings and so on.

Also, the town neat and cozy. There are a lot of flowers in the streets and even on the lamp pole.

The town is very compact, and all the tourist attractions are almost all in the town’s center.

The most ancient building in the town is Pyatnytska Church.

It was built at the end of the 12th century.  

As Wikipedia says: ‘It differed from other Chernihiv churches by completion and decoration of the facades with all types of architectural ornaments and by composition of arches under the drum.’

And this part of the town is called ‘Val’ it had a fortification and was a part of defensive system.

There are 12 real cannons from the 18th century open-air.

And anyone can take selfies and have a sit on them to pose.


Another interesting place I would like to recommend is Saint Anthony’s Caves.

This is real man-made cave with the length of 350 meters. Take into account, that the caves were dug in 11th-19th centuries and there were no electric power tools, so they dug the caves with spades only.

During the enemy’s attacks people were hiding here.

In peaceful times monks utilized caves to stay away from people.

Chernihiv is very hospitable town with a great number of restaurants and cafes so you will have a chance to taste local cuisine.

By the way, the prices are really low comparing to Kyiv’s ones.

I definitely recommend visiting this town if you like ancient architecture, delicious food, and do not like overcrowded places full of tourists.

Liva Cam Chernihiv, Ukraine. St. Katherine Church.

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