My name is Muhammad Faizan, I am a solo biker.

I often visit northern areas (eg: Upper Chitral, Ghizer valley).

I have visited these kind of places.

It was a amazing experience. I started my journey by facing difficult routes and I hold out there after 3 days in Kalash valley.

When I reached there they was preparing for their cultural funfair at night few of the girls was dancing  it was quite entertaining.

It is a small village in the middle of mountains.

It is very historical and beautiful place.the culture of Kalash valley just amazed me how nicely they have maintained their culture.

Kalash valley is very peaceful and awesome place to visit.

They have their own cuisine.

I spent one night in Chitral city.

I was very tired because of camping so i decided to stay in a hotel for one night.

My bike really needed maintenance so I went to the mechanic he did not cost me any money for the maintenance of my bike.

They asked me to have breakfast with them for free.

The people of Chitral is very warm welcoming.

Then I started my journey for upper Chitral.

The Upper Chitral has strange mountains with the small road in the middle of the mountains I was the only one on that road.

The whole way I admired the beautiful view.

After few hours I saw the highest mountain and stooped my bike, the name of that mountain is Tirich Mir.

It is the worlds 26th highest mountian.

its elevation 7708M (25289 ft).

I saw the clouds touching the mountain it was the most fascinating moment for me.

I have spent 2 to 3 hours watching this view, then i started my journey for the settlement of Mastuj.

I reached Mastuj at night.

I saw few wild cheetahs on the road so I skip camping and decided to stay in a hotel.

Mastuj is a small village near Afghanistan.

Next morning I continued my journey for Shandur Polo Ground.

Shandur Polo Ground is the world’s highest polo ground.

Its elevation is 3,700 m (12,139ft).

After spending few hours in Shadur I started my journey for Ghizer valley.

It is the middle of the Hindu Kush and Krakoram.

People of Ghizer is very hospitable.

I found peace in this place I have never found that much of peace.

The famous food in Ghizer is trout fish and apricot, this place is filled with apricot and almond.

People of Ghizer use the oil of apricot and almond.

They only eat their own cultured food their food is similar to the Chinese food.

I spent few days in Ghizer then I started my journey back home.

when I was on my way home I reached Gilgit city and continued my journey on the silk road.

It is the world’s highest road which connects Pakistan and China.

It is on the top of number three world’s highest mountain range Hindu Kush Himalaya Karakoram.

Where these three mountains meet this is the most delightful view.

On this road there is the world’s 8th highest and the 2nd highest mountain in Pakistan mountain Nanga Parbat.

Its elevation is 8126M (2,6660 ft) I was filled with so many amazing memories and my bike was filled with dry fruits.

It was my last holiday(3 months before).

I am available on CouchSurfing. 

You can contact me on Facebook and couch surfing website.

if you want to travel to Pakistan I’ll be your free tourist guide and Pakistan will be your second motherland.


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