Every person, not only a tourist, is well aware of the existence of such attractions as the Statue of Liberty.

When you hear the word America, then immediately the first thing that comes to mind is this famous monument, which is located in New York. But everyone knows that this is not only a popular statue in the United States, but also in Japan, albeit somewhat smaller.

It is several times smaller than the American original and its height is about 11 meters. It also weighs a lot less – only 9 tons.

And this is not the only Statue of Liberty in Japan, there are about 4 or even 5 of them.

The most famous is the Statue of Liberty on Odaiba Island.

This is an artificial island, built on the site of a landfill in the Japanese capital Tokyo. The installation of the statue in 1998 was dedicated to Japanese-French relations, and French President Jacques Chirac was present at the opening ceremony. The statue itself stood not long and in 1999 was dismantled.

Its popularity was so great that in 2000 an exact copy was created and installed on the same place.

Japanese companies sponsored the construction of the statue, so the installation site was not accidental – behind the statue itself, you can see not only Rainbow Bridge, but also office buildings of sponsoring companies.

It turns out such unobtrusive advertising companies. So even if you just admire the Tokyo Bay, no one will leave advertising, even though the statue symbolizes freedom and democracy.

Photographed against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty can be both day and evening, the view is stunning at any time.

However, in the evening and on holidays, the Rainbow Bridge behind the statue is highlighted in different colors or, as the name of the bridge (which was given to it by the locals), illuminated in the form of a rainbow for special holidays.

Although the statue has a height of only 1/7 from the New York original, but due to the optical illusion it seems that its height is no less.

Many tourists believe that it was not worthwhile to install a copy of the statue and that it is not as impressive as other attractions in the area.

Anyway, it’s better to see everything yourself once rather than relying on the taste of individual tourists and their reviews on travel websites.

After a photo session with the monument, you can continue to admire Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge even from the window of the nearest Hilton Tokyo Odaiba hotel.

A small, but interesting fact that you may not pay attention to: although the statue on Odaiba is compared to the same one in the USA, in fact, the Japanese copy was made from the Statue of Liberty, which is located in Paris. If you are an avid traveler, you can create a route for yourself on the “statues of freedom” by including all countries and continents.

The Statue of Liberty, which was installed in 1998 on a Japanese island, was brought from France and in 1999 it was sent back. France also presented a statue in America, obviously, they have a lot of them.

Nevertheless, thousands of tourists tend to visit this monument and take as many photos as possible.

Some tourists recommend visiting this attraction at sunset when the sun sets behind the statue and create red and yellow shades of the sky.

Another highlight of the photo can be the presence of ships in the bay, if you find yourself at this very moment, then do not miss your chance for a super photo.

Statue of Liberty in Japan video

Do not miss the opportunity to also look at Tokyo from a bird’s eye view, just go to the Hilton hotel or the AQUA CiTY ODAIBA shopping center and climb into the building of the Fuji TV station.

Her building can be seen from far away, you will not confuse it, because at the very top of the building there is a giant metal ball, from the windows of which you can look at the city tens of kilometers away.

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