Have you every been at the beach without sand?

There are only two beaches in entire world that consist solely from shells. 

And one of them is not far from Denham in the Shark Bay of Western Australia.

The Shell Beach is covered with the cockle species called Fragum erugatum.

There is no sand at all

The length of the beach is about 60 kilometers and millions of shells go 10 miters in depth.

This snow-white wonder is a great example of how nature can create a piece of art with the help of time and simple shells.

Many people swim at the beach as it is completely safe.

The water is clear and people also snorkeling a lot here.

The shell beach is not only a picturesque place but a valuable resource of calcium.

There is a special licence that allows to mine here and use shells to produce poultry feed and garden mulch rich in calcium.

There are also some houses built from shell blocks.

As you can see shells can be used to create the beach and construction materials.

People who are not very skilled in swimming can train here as the water is very salty, so it is quite easy to float.

The water changes its color from green to blue and in combination with pure white beach forms a real painting of an artist.

If you are keen on traveling to unusual places the shell beach is want you need.

Shell Beach Australia