Sunbathing on all the beaches of the world is the dream of every tourist who loves to rest by the sea or ocean. There are no exotic beaches. You will not surprise anyone with ordinary sand on the shore.

A variety of travel agencies are full of ads on travel to distant islands with white sand and palm trees.

But this is routine today.

People are increasingly choosing more unusual places. For example, a rest on the pink sandy beach is popular, or if you don’t want it with sand, you can take a walk along the beach consisting of a multi-meter layer of seashells.

Well, or, in general, visit the beach, consisting of multi-colored glass (although many tourists have already taken it for souvenirs).

Surely, the most unusual of all is the famous glowing Maldivian beach – “The Sea of ​​Stars”. There is not much to tell about the Maldives.

This is, indeed, a popular tourist destination. Here honeymooners often arrange a honeymoon, and who won’t want to visit these wonderful picturesque islands.

Especially amazing beach can be found on one of the Maldivian islands – Vaadhoo Island. Here at night, really, a fantastic action takes place: the whole coast of the sea begins to glow with a blue glow. All this is the result of the work of not fabulous creatures, but of ordinary plankton, which begins to glow (in a scientific way, this phenomenon is called bioluminescence) due to chemical processes in living organisms. Such processes can occur due to stress, when a wave throws plankton on the shore.

Also, if you step on the sand on the shore, your footprints will glow blue, but this is not recommended, as the plankton is rather sticky and leaves the sensations not very pleasant. The glow appears when you take water in your palm or put a surfboard on the water.

The shine of the coastal strip is really similar to the stars flickering in the sky, it is not surprising that this place is called the “Sea of ​​Stars”. The glow is especially intense from July until February. And during the reproduction of plankton.

It would be tempting to swim in such water, but it is strongly not recommended to do this, as some species of plankton emit toxins dangerous to humans during this period.

Not only plankton can boast bioluminescence, but there are a number of other marine animals that can emit light, such as krill or a number of squid.

This luminescence of both microorganisms and larger animals is associated with a defensive reaction to scare away predators.

If a predator swallows such a luminous object, it will continue to glow inside the predator, attracting even larger creatures, making predators swallowing them.

The Maldives themselves are quite developed in terms of tourism infrastructure. Vaadhoo is a fifteen-minute motorboat ride from the international airport in the capital of Maldives, Malé. However, rest and flight is not cheap. Although the impressions of the star surf, which you get there, will certainly be invaluable.

Maldives, Sea of Stars Video

You can also visit other Maldivian islands, such as Mudhdhoo Island. The beach and this island boasts a slight radiance of plankton and is rightfully included in the list of the most romantic beaches in the world.

If you are planning a wedding or just want to see something unusual, then feel free to pay attention to the Maldives. There also often rest and celebrities who want to hide from the paparazzi’s excess eyes. Who knows, maybe you will meet there Arnold Schwarzenegger or the president of his country.

Although Vaadhoo and a small island with 500 inhabitants, but rightfully occupies one of the first places on the tourist maps and all thanks to the tiny microorganisms that live in the Indian Ocean.

Maldives, Vaadhoo island

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