We say Japan and we imagine robots, we say robots and we imagine Japan.

It is a commonly known fact that Japan is ahead of the rest of the world in technology and in creating various technological innovations such as human-like and not very human-like robots.

Man made iron dinosaur administrators in hotels or robot-assistants at airports do not surprise anymore, at least in the Land of the Rising Sun (the second name of Japan).

Entertainment and travel industry are no exception too. That’s why in Tokyo since July 2012 everyone can to visit the Robot Restaurant. Not that there are robot-waiters or an android-bartender , rather, this is a thematic show for tourist with a cabaret. The main theme, of course, is robots and everything connected with them.

A Giant Rabbit in Robot Restaurant

Respectively, the restaurant is located in the main administrative and, without a doubt, the commercial center of Tokyo – Shinjuku. It will take a 15 minute walk from Shinjuku metro station to the so called neon district full of shops and other places of entertainment.

Although you have notice the word restaurant in the name of Robot restaurant, but don’t expect to find much food here. You can pre-order some ready-made snacking options, but don’t count on the Robots Restaurant as a full-fledged restaurant with a wide choice of dishes – first of all, it’s a show, not a restaurant.

So do not forget to buy tickets, you can order them online, but you still need to come and get them physically in the offline office just across the road. The price ranges from around 73 dollars.

The tickets are bought up pretty quickly, so book everything in advance. And also come earlier, because you still have to go through the registration procedure at the reception, the rest of the time, before the show starts, you can spend in the waiting room.

There are a lot of thing to see here: with your mouth wide open, you will descend the stairs into a different psychedelic reality. Where everything is blinking and reflecting in mirrors. Also futuristic walls reflect everything and everyone and musicians in cosmic silver costumes playing the saxophone and piano.

This is Japan so all possible characters are blending together such as Kung Fu Panda, who fights a robot with a hammer, or a girl flying a dragon, or a robot dinosaur, or an oriental warrior riding a metal mirror horse. Even in the toilet you can not hide from the fantastic world: here you can find golden urinals, reflecting the blinking mirror tile on the floor and walls.

It seems that there is a complete chaos, but the whole show is thoroughly rehearsed and it takes months of preparation and training for professional dancers and other participants of the show. All dance moves and drum playing are perfected and performed almost automatically.

Light and laser show

The show lasts about an hour and a half and consists of four parts intermittently. Each part – a separate mini-show, and at the end you will see the epic battle of the army of robots, lasers and light-noise explosions.

It is quite noisy here so children will get headphones, and if you are not comfortable, you can ask them for yourself too.

Tourists always want to take pictures everywhere and of everything that happens both before the show and during the main performance. Take note that reflex cameras are prohibited but you can freely use mobile phone cameras. This is quite enough to record a video or take a high quality selfie on the stage after the end of the show.

A high-tech restaurant with a super show program is exactly the case when it’s better to see once than to hear a hundred times.

As for accommodation, In the restaurant district there are 6 wonderful, according to reviews of tourists, hotels for any budget with category ranging from 1 to 3 stars.

And if you are a real fan of robots, do not forget to have a walk around Tokyo and take a picture with a giant 20-meter statue of the anime robot Gundam on the artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay. And not far from him you will find so called Rainbow Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

Also you have a chance go on excursion to the building of Fuji TV.

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