Millions of tourists visit Spain every year.

The main cultural attraction is without a doubt Corrida or Bullfighting.

One more extreme entertainment is La Tomatina known as the battle of tomatoes. 
However, there is a natural wonder that is worth visiting.

It is better to say human made natural wonder as due to a long running mining activity we now have such a phenomenon as the red and orange river. 

So Why does The Rio Tinto (red river in Spanish) have such alien scenery?

As it was mentioned above various useful metals such as copper, along with valuable and precious metals such as gold and silver have been mined for five thousand years!

It might seem to be very cool to have a swim in this river, but it is really poisonous.

The river dissolves too many metals and minerals.

That is why it has unbelievable colors and it became very acidic. 

Maybe it was ok to swim in the river during ancient Roman and Greek mining operations but in the 19th century, the excavations were at a really large scale.

So now it is dangerous to drink or swim there.  

Scientists are still trying to figure out who brings responsible for the colors and damage to the nature.

Is this solely human responsibility or there are any natural processes. 

This reaver attracts not only tourists and ecologists but also astrophysicists. 

And not only because of another planet like scenery but mainly because of extremophile bacteria. 

Astrophysicists believe that if there is life in such extreme conditions then it can be found somewhere else in space.

For example on one of Jupiter’s moons or Mars.

2001 was the last year of mining activity in that region. There also were attempts to reopen the mining operations in 2010 due to high prices for metals. 

Any human activity in this region can have a dramatic impact on local nature.

For now the colors of Rio Tinto are still bright within 50 km. The river starts from the town of Nerva but beginning with the town of Niebla it loses its colors.

Despite being dangerous and poisonous, Rio Tinto is now one of the natural wonders of the world. 

It is not an industrial region anymore, but you have a chance to know more about mining and excavations by visiting the Museo Minero de Riotinto. 

It is the museum with illustrations and an exhibition of the history of mining.

There are 8 areas where you will see the reproduction of the Roman Mine and more modern mining tools.

The territory is quite large, the total area is about 1800 m2.

And there is also the most luxurious narrow route railroad car in the world. As you can see there are a lot of things to see there. 

The museum is situated in the building that housed the hospital of the Río Tinto Company Limited. It is a British company that mined in this region in the 19th and 20th centuries (1873-1954).

So if you want to visit a wonderful place and know more about mining and metallurgy, buy a ticket to Spain.

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