What color of the beach do you prefer white, multicolored, blue or yellow?

How about the red one?

Yes, there exists an island with a red sand beach. 

And the beach is read nor because of the chemical industry or artificial dye.

It is situated in the Persian Gulf (in the Strait of Hormuz) and belongs to Iran.

The name of the island is Hormuz, but occasionally, you can come across with such spelling as Hormoz.

This unparalleled Iranian island is also called the rainbow island because of colorful soils, mountains, and Martian red beach. 

State authorities had to take measures to protect Hormuz due to the overuse of red ochre which makes the beach so red.

Local people call the red ochre Golak. 

It attracts not only tourists but can be used even in culinary and for some artistic purposes.

By the way, besides natural wonders, there is an impressive and interesting architecture.

Red waves

It is amazing when you see red waves and blue sky in the background while sitting on the red sand.

Red soil is beautiful but it also an immensely valuable resource.

Cosmetic, Glass and ceramic manufactures were buying the soil for their needs.

To preserve such a unique place the authorities limited export. 

The main element of this soil is iron oxide (about 70%). 

This is the same element that makes our neighbor planet Mars look red.

So, if you want to take selfies on Mars, you can easily do this on Hormuz island. 

For better impressions, you can take photos of the spacesuit suit.  

You won’t believe but this red soil is edible! 

You can even taste a little bit yourself.

People use it as a spice when cooking meals. 

Maybe this kind of spice is the reason for space war described by American author Frank Herbert in science fiction novel Dune.

And you have a chance to try the spice for free.

There are almost 7000 residents on the island, there are mainly small villages and a red clay mine.

Local people almost do not speak English.

Best time to travel

Due to weather conditions, it is recommended to visit this island in autumn and winter.

The warm and sunny weather is guaranteed during these seasons.

Tourists mainly come here from November to March. 

Other months are too hot and humid.

Local people are very friendly, and you can travel freely throughout the island. 

You will have real adventures with hidden beaches, salt mountains and the red beach.

This place is a great finding for nature lovers from over the world. 

Also, it is a very comfortable place.

You can stay in the Red Hotel or there is also a cheap hostel on the island. 

The only way to get to Hormuz is by passenger ferry from Bandar Abbas or Qeshm.

What else you can see here

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  • Rainbow mountains
Red beach of Hormuz


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