In Japan, there are hundreds of islands that are inhabited, both humans and animals.

One of the most visited islands along with the island of cats is the so-called Rabbit Island.

Located in Hiroshima Prefecture, the island has become home to more than a thousand wild rabbits.

The island near the town of Takehara, in the inland Japanese Sea, was not always inhabited by animals.

In the 20s of the last century, this territory belonged to the military. Here, in conditions of maximum secrecy, the development and testing of chemical and bacteriological weapons took place.

Rabbit Island, Japan. Are you afraid of rabbits gang? More on

Rabbit Island, Japan. Are you afraid of rabbits gang?More on

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Only after many decades, when the plant for the production of weapons was closed, and in its place opened a museum of chemical weapons, and stocks of poisonous substances were disposed of, here appeared the first rabbits.

There are several versions of how they got here. So according to one version, they allegedly found themselves at large, after the plant was closed, they did not have time to carry out tests on them.

But the military claim that all animals were disposed of along with toxic materials. The second version says that the rabbits were brought by schoolchildren who came here on excursions in the 70s.

Now, the once almost lifeless island passed into the possession of hundreds of rabbits, which is good news for tens of thousands of tourists visiting this place every year.

After all, rabbits since ancient times are considered a symbol of fertility and a talisman of newborns.

To get to the island is not difficult, you need only 15 minutes by ferry from the nearest town to the island.

Once you have already hit the island, please follow certain rules of conduct so as not to harm its eared inhabitants.

As indicated on the official website of the island on the Internet: rabbits are wild, so be afraid when they are taken in their arms and try to escape, therefore, do not take rabbits in their hands and do not chase them. They also do not have access to a veterinarian, therefore, it is important to prevent them from getting injured.

Do not feed the rabbits on the road, because they do not notice approaching bicycles or cars and may be injured trying to escape at the last moment.

Do not feed rabbits with food debris or spoiled vegetables, and also do not leave food near their burrows, as it attracts crows and natural predators dangerous for the young.

And, of course, do not feed rabbits food for people, especially bread or even potatoes, which they cannot digest. And, be careful while riding a bike, or else you can ride a rabbit.

No matter how much you like rabbits, don’t try to take them home. Firstly, it is forbidden, and secondly, they are wild and can carry various diseases.

And if you want to bring your rabbits to the island and leave, thinking that they will be better here, then you should not do this either. Rabbits greatly protect their territory, so your rabbit can easily be beaten and chased away.

The island has very few water sources, so for the rabbits that are near the hotel, they will be very happy if you get water.

On the island you can spend the night in the only hotel Kyukamura Ohkunoshima.

Rent a bike, feed for rabbits (you can buy it for $ 1 at the hotel) and drive around the island, what do you need for an animal lover? Although rabbits are not domestic, they happily chase after tourists, jump on their knees and eat cabbage and carrots from their hands. Rabbits can be stroked while they are busy eating.

More than 100,000 tourists visit this island annually. Rabbits are especially happy to see them in winter, when there is almost no natural food on the island.

Do not forget to share photos from the island of rabbits, because, the more people know about it, the more treats will be for the inhabitants of this wonderful island.

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