You must have heard about a hotel with giraffes in Kenya. Where you can feed animals just through the window of your room.

However, if you want to see wild lions or other exotic animals there is no need to go to Africa.

Port Lympne is a 4 Star Luxury Boutique Hotel and Reserve in Kent, England.

There are three houses for guests just amid the animals’ territory.

One house is surrounded by the lions, the other two by wolves and tigers.

You have the chance to meet the wild animals through the glass wall of your room.

Hotel owners raised these animals not just for tourist fun.

These animals are a part of preserving program.

The territory to explore is quite large.

600 acres is the home for 900 animals, among these animals you will see black rhinos, gorillas and leopards.

Really amazing variety of animals like in Africa, but you don’t leave Europe, that is very convenient.

Keep in mind that if you want to visit this unbelievable piece of wild African nature you must book all the tickets in advance.

It is a great place for spending time with the whole family.

Do not worry if you feel tired or hungry.

There is a wonderful restaurant with authentic Italian cuisine at your service.

The name of restaurant is Babydoll, of course it sounds not Italian, but it is the name of the last surviving Howletts gorilla.

The restaurant is open from 12 p.m. but only for takeaway service.

You will taste pasta, pizza and seasonal vegetables from local garden.

For those who want to experience everything that the reserve has, there is a special option: you can change your accommodation even every night.

You may want to spend a romantic night with your beloved.

Piece of cake, there is a special bubble pod with 180-degree panoramic view for a romantic night under the stars.

Moreover, by visiting this marvelous place you are helping all the animals as part of the profit is going directly to the conservation charity program.

Besides the numerous wild animals, family vacation with kids will be especially of great fun if you attend prehistoric park life-sized dinosaurs.

Have a frightening encounter with a gigantic T-Rex, Pterodactyl, and Stegosaurus in the biggest dinosaur forest in the UK.

Walking through the natural forest with dinosaurs is not only funny but very informative.

You will learn new information about the prehistoric era and become a real archeologist for a couple of hours.  

Also, before visiting the park, download Port Lympne free App that brings all the dinosaurs to life, shows useful information and interactive map.

After digging fossils stop by the souvenir shop and buy a memorable present for you and your friends.


If you want to have the wedding that stands out, this place is what you are looking for.

Natural themed surroundings and wild animals will add a piece of magic and elegance to the ceremony.

Your guests will love the party with giraffe herds and a picturesque location at Giraffe Hall and other eight venues including three houses.

Lympne Reserve

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