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Hi I am Srabana.

I was born in India assembled in New Zealand.

I have done a wee bit of travel last year however lately due to Covid I have managed to travel locally and it’s been the best experience ever.

It’s healed me, it’s awakened me and reformed me.

I live in the Capital that is Wellington. New Zealand has two islands north and south.

We don’t have a bridge connecting the two island so I took a ferry from Welli to Picton. 

Picton is a wee town with some lovely people and some good dockside restaurants.

I had a friend pick me up and drop me to Nelson and I started my journey there catching up with a few old friends. 

On day 1

We went to Lake Nelson. It was so scenic with snow capped Mountains surrounding us.

The trees were sun kissed. The waters were crystal clear.

The air was silent and peaceful. 

We went back to the lodge and had a sumptuous meal. It was cold, yet we felt the warmth and healing power of Nature.

Day 2

We went to Te Waikoropupu Springs. 

The water there is untouched, clear blue and dirt free. No one is allowed to swim there or disturb the ecosystem.

This is one great aspect of NZ they don’t mess with nature.

Then on our way to Able Tasman I decided to purge my soul so took a dip in the ice cold waters of a nearby stream. It was therapeutic and pure bliss. 

We experienced the perfect sunset in Able Tasman Archway islands. I bid goodbye to August and said Hello to September.

My friends returned and I still had a day and a half to myself. I couldn’t wait to have some

Adventure. I came back to Picton. The next day I booked a water taxi to march through Marlborough sounds. 

The Queen Charlotte track is 75 kms long and takes up to 5 days to complete it. I did 25kms on just for a day tiring my feet but not my soul.

I saw twin fountains. It was mesmerizing. The track felt enchanted as it showed vast stretches of the sound and islands nearby. 

The water was blue and peaceful.

The track was green but wet due to rain. 

I saw the classic Silver Ferns. At that moment I felt privileged to be a New Zealander.

The track was spiritually uplifting. It kept reminding me how far I have come in life and the limitless possibilities of the future.  

The trip ended with some great cocktails however Adventure is calling me, and I am ready. 



Srabana Mukherjee


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