The Marble Caves or Capillas de Mármola are a number of isolated sculpted caves. It is located in the center of Patagonia in the General Carrera Lake.

Sometimes it may be called the Marble Cathedral as the caves are made of a solid marble washed by the waves of the glacial Lake General Carrera which covers borders of two countries namely Chile and Argentina.

These caves are a real wonder of nature; however, they are properly hidden from people.

The journey starts with a 2,5-hour flight from the Chilean city of Santiago and to the airport of Balmaceda which is situated not far from the village with the same name.

 The next step for an adventurer is 120 miles (193 km) drive to the lake.

Once you reached the General Carrera Lake you will have to use another type of transport. This time it will be a 30-minute tour on board a ferry.

Sure, traveling to the Marble Caves in Patagonia is not an easy task.

Also, you cannot reach the caves on foot or by car you will need a boat or kayak.

You are moving with your boat through the grotto and you notice bright lines of different colors, at first you might thing that all these are man-made graffiti.

The deeper you are entering the cave the brighter colors you see.

Yellow and blue colors are clearly seen in the crystal water which reflects light as a mirror under the boat.

Sometimes people do not even notice this beauty just beside the boat, they mainly concentrate on the ceiling.

The rocky walls of the cave are painted by nature with different shades of sapphire, greens etc.

Even though getting to this place is a little bit challenging nevertheless all the tourist will agree that it was worth it.

But who created these marvelous multi-color caves?

The artist is nature itself. Hundreds of years the waves hit the marble, which is consisted of calcium carbonate, slowly forming the curved walls.

It took more than 6 000 years to create the present wonder of nature.

The colors are really amazing and depending on the water level due to the weather or season conditions the reflection can change the colors.

The colors are still out of this world.

The Marble Caves are incredible tourist attraction and they so to speak work all year round.

Many travel agencies advice to visit the caves from December to March, so you will be sure to get the best experience.

At this particular period of time the water is at the lowest level and the light will be reflected at sunrise immensely beautiful and colorful.

The water level depends on the nearby glacier. So, in different seasons you will see different colors.

It is up to you when to visit this attraction in any case you will not be disappointed.

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