Do you like tomato juice or throwing vegetables at other people?

Then take you to the annual Spanish festival in the city of Bunol.

Just there you can plenty of pounce on tomatoes and swim to the waist in tomato slurry.

All this will help you to realize the La Tamotina festival on the last Wednesday of August.

The festival of the tomato carnage was born in 1945.

According to one version, it all started because of the fights of several friends at one of the festivals, apparently all the available tools, including tomatoes, were used in the fight.

A year later, the offenses remained and at the same place the battle resumed, the tomatoes were already stored in advance.

Since then, the tomato battle continues annually.

Although at one time this festival was banned due to its religious significance, it has been renewed since the 70s.

At the moment, the festival already has international status and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world to Spain.

Festival Tomatino

Loaded cars with tomatoes arrive on a holiday by 10 in the morning, but it is still early to start the battle.

Starting action will be given after the most clever participant will be able to climb on a greased column with soap and pick tied pork ham.

After that, a signal will be given to the battle of water cannons.

It is also worth observing a number of rules if you have already become a participant of the festival.

Do not use objects or bring bottles due to which other participants may be injured.

Always crush the tomato before throwing. It’s pretty unpleasant to get a whole tomato in the face.

Watch the road, trucks will bring up new “shells”, so they can not be delayed, but you need to give way to the roadway.

When you hear the second signal, it means that you need to stop immediately and stop the battle.

Try to book yourself a hotel in the city of the festival in advance, because there is not enough room for everyone.

And if you do not get a room, then you can stay in the city of Valencia, 40 km from the venue of the tomato battle.

You can get there by bus or train.

Almost all city residents and visiting tourists take part in the celebration, so practice to throw tomatoes at home, as in Spain you will be met by experienced fighters who have survived more than one Tomatina.

Be prepared for the fact that you will fly thousands of ripe tomatoes, because the participants may be more than 40 thousand.

And the target will be anyone to whom other participants will be able to reach the tomato.

The battle lasts about two hours, you will not be able to remain unspotted, so dress accordingly.

At the end of the battle, you can swim in a pool filled with tomato juice.

Hundreds of tons of tomatoes scatter throughout the city and the owners of cafes and shops close for the time of tomato madness, having previously installed protective plastic shields in front of their establishment.

Protective equipment is also necessary for all participants, namely safety glasses and gloves.

If you plan to take photos, then worry about the waterproof case for a camera or mobile phone.

Do not forget to grab a towel and a change of clothes. You can wash it near hydrants and fire engines.

But Tomatina is not only tomatoes flying in all directions, but also festive fireworks, performances, music and free treats.

The whole week of celebration will be filled with interesting and entertaining events.

So, if you do not want to participate in the tomato slaughter, you will have something to do during the festival.

Photos should turn out great, hardly any of your friends will be able to boast of something similar.

Really unforgettable impressions for which you should visit Spain.

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