Who has not dreamed of visiting the coast of the crystal clear sea with palm trees and a snow-white beach?

White sand has a greater reflective effect than yellow sand, and therefore heats up less.

The song is much nicer to walk when the sun is already high and in the sky.

It is not necessary to look for some rare exotic islands on the world map where tickets are very expensive and not every travel agency can organize a tour.

There are places with white sand and on the continent, however, Australian.

And not just a beach with white sand, but with the whitest in the world, even in the book of records.

And not somewhere on a desert island, but only three hours from Sydney. Since getting to the beach in the village of Khayyam (Hyams Beach) in Jervis Bay is very easy, tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world visit it.

And indeed, not every time you will see two kilometers of a beach that looks like spilled whipped cream.

Another feature of the Khayam Beach sand is the size of the sand grains, they are very small, typing the sand in your hand, it seems as if it is powder, not sand.

Hyams Beach Video

This location attracts not only tourists, but also wedding ceremonies. A great place for a photo shoot both in the afternoon and in the evening.

The beach is so white that even at dusk reflects a faint light.

There are no hotels on the beach itself, but within three kilometers one can find eco-accommodation options of any class.

If you need closer to the beach, then you can rent an apartment or a whole house for rent, practically, a hundred meters from the coastline.

They are useful in case you dream of a perfectly even tan or are looking for a place to relax.

The beach from the above

Widely advertised in the media and by bloggers taking selfies against the background of the “whitest sand in the world”, the beach has been turned into a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of tourists who will not miss a day to not go to the beach.

However, the infrastructure is not designed for so many people. For example, on the whole beach there are only two toilets and one cafe with a small shop nearby.

Not to mention the relatively small parking. And if you put the car in the wrong place, for example, on the road marked with yellow marking, you risk earning a $ 300 fine.

This is not surprising, since initially in the village, surrounded by two beaches, only 112 people lived, and during the peak season, thanks to advertising, it soared to 4,000.

So try to visit the beach to choose weekdays, and preferably at this time there was no children’s holidays.

Nevertheless, the majority of tourists’ reviews are positive and they recommend getting their piece of paradise, arriving, to lie on the white sand of Khayyam beach.

Arriving for a few hours or days, you still have time to admire and swim in the clear water, bask on the white sand, take a couple of hundred photos, stroll along the shore and get some fresh air.

Do not forget to share photos with your friends, they will definitely like.

On the hotel booking site the nearest available room with breakfast, which is located at a distance of 3.7 km from the beach, costs at least $ 190.

The best option to come to the beach from a nearby town for half a day, if you are not a fan of lying on the beach. There are also a variety of tours in parks with arrivals to the beach.

The choice is yours. But the fact that this beach is obligatory for visiting is for sure, because this sand is even wanted to be imported by other countries!

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