Tired of McDonalds?

Why not have a snack at some exotic bar.

If you are in an African country, then this may be an institution in the middle of a huge baobab, somewhere on the islands you can have lunch under a waterfall, even in Antarctica you can stop by at the Ukrainian station and try real Antarctic moonshine at the Faraday Bar.

And where to look in technological Japan?

If you want to see the show, then you can go to the Restaurant of Robots, and if it’s also for educational purposes, be sure to check out the Gomi Pit bar in Musashino, in Tokyo Prefecture; in Japanese, gomi is rubbish, and pit in English is a hole/pit.

From the name you might think that this is a bar where food is fed, but in fact there is quite normal food here, just this bar is located at a waste recycling plant.

Indeed, not everyone will guess that you can come in and eat at such a specific factory, as in a regular cafe. This bar was an initiative of the local authorities of the city, who thus wanted to attract the attention of the population to the amount of waste that society produces, and at the same time boast technological equipment.

When one person throws out only one package of garbage per week, he does not always think how much waste a whole city produces, which consists of hundreds of thousands of Japanese people.

Although the establishment itself is located in an area where tons of garbage are dumped, there is absolutely no unpleasant smell.

The bar is located behind a thick glass, through which you can observe the work of a huge bucket, which extracts the most diverse garbage from the pit: plastic bottles, broken furniture, women’s bags, etc.

Windows, through which you can look at what is happening with garbage, were made not only for tourists, but are also of practical importance for the engineers of the enterprise, who monitor the quality of work and the health of the equipment.

Photo Bar ‘Garbage Pit’

In the bar, indeed, there are a lot of visitors: some people drink beer in thought and observe the work of a garbage burning machine through glass. People come here from other cities and regions of Japan.

Also many come with children. It is very important for parents to show children that they need to treat nature carefully and responsibly.

To get more information, anyone can press the buttons on the touch screen and find out the furnace temperature at the moment or how much garbage has been recycled during the day.

In Japan, separate sorting of garbage, which has been taught since childhood, has long become the norm, but many visitors to the “pit” are surprised at what is happening behind the glass: “we didn’t even know how garbage is processed” responsibly “,” I will try to leave as little waste as possible after cooking. “

Gomi Pete is a temporary project, but it is very high-quality stylized: you can’t say right away that there is concrete in the industrial plant behind the wooden paneling.

But if you are interested in visiting this waste recycling plant, even without a bar, this can be done at any time of the year.

The cost of creating the plant cost $ 91 million, and it will take the same amount over the next 20 years.

If everyone treats more responsibly the waste that he throws, then our planet will become much cleaner.

Gomi Pete or the “garbage pit”, although it does not have three Michelin stars and does not serve exquisite dishes, nevertheless really deserves the attention of both locals and tourists.

It is always a pleasure to have a fun time, and yes even with benefit.

And if you suddenly find yourself in the pocket of the lost garbage, then it certainly will be where to throw it away.

Video Bar Gomi Pit ‘Garbage Pit’

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