Giving a look at this beach you might think that this unbelievable beautiful place is a part of fairy tale decoration.

Thousands of diamonds are shining and glaring in the pleasant Californian sun.

Only the name of the beach reveals the real things.

Glass Beach is located in MacKerricher State Park not far from Fort Bragg, California, USA and it is a very popular tourist attraction.

A question in head appears in mind: where are the pieces of glass come from?

And who and why gathered in one place all these colorful glass diamonds?

The history of the beach begins in XX century when there was a huge disposal site.

Local citizens threw domestic waste, old household appliances, and of course glass.

Only in 1967 Local government decided to close the site and they cleaned up the beach several times.

Small glass parts which were not removed from the beach, kept laying in the Californian sun and were being polished by sea waves and wind for years.

Maybe it is nature who converts human’s trash into a piece of art.

But who will take care of nature?

Also, there is a legend

Though it can be true. If you believe in mermaids of course.

If the sailor is lot at sea the mermaids begin to cry, and their tears are turning in to the pieces of color glass.

Washed by the waves these glasses can be found on the beach.

One mermaid loved a sailor and she wanted to save him, so she tamed a stormy sea.

Neptune was very furious because of this.

He ordered her to stay in depths.

She never saw her love again.

Only her glass tears on the beach are the only remind of unrequited love.

In 2002 a part of former disposal site was included in the territory of MacKerricher State Park.

This beach is really amazing, you will love it at first sight.

That’s why since 1980 it has become more and more popular not only among local residents but thousands of tourists who come here every year and try to take several pieces as a keepsake.

Without a doubt everyone wants to see this wonderful place.

Tourists take photos of rainbow stones, relax and admire the scenery.

Glass beach video

So local citizens in order to attract even more tourist, sell different glass souvenirs.

A great number of visitors can really harm the nature and unique beach.

That is why local authorities prohibited to take glasses from the beach.

However, tourists are not the only one danger.

Though, it takes more than thousands of years or even up to a million for the glass to decompose.

Nevertheless, the instant impact of sea waves breaks glass stones into smaller pieces so this wonder beach can disappear very soon.

Most of the tourist agrees in comments that this is a beautiful place.

Despite that there are not many stone glasses left, you still have a chance to take great photos and spend a day appreciating the beauty.

Sadly enough, that some people are still taking glasses home.

It is officially prohibited to take glasses home, so please do not ruin the beach while visiting it.

And if you have kids this travel would be really fascinating for them, as they can be real treasure hunters.


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