It seems that in Japan there are more animals than people themselves. Judge for yourself: there are dozens of cat islands, island of rabbits, and now there is a whole village of foxes.

Although she is three hours away from Tokyo in some backwaters in the highlands, yet it does not stop tourists who want to feed and see more than a hundred different foxes.

In fact, Zao Kitsune Mura is not so much a village as a larger zoo where there are different types of foxes, but not in one other place, probably in the world, you will not have the opportunity to see and feed such a number of foxes without a cage.

This “village” was opened in 1990, there is also the shrine of the goddess Inari, the patron saint of abundance and foxes, who are her messengers.

On the territory of the zoo everywhere there are warning signs that warn tourists from feeding foxes with their hands, as well as not recommending them to iron.

Although they behave like a pack of mongrels on the street, do not forget that they are wild animals and can bite.

Entry to the fox territory costs about $ 9, and for a dollar you can buy their treats.

The territory where foxes live is huge, but visitors are allowed only to a small part of it.

Fox village in Japan

However, there are critics of such a zoo.

According to many bloggers who have been there, this place is not at all as joyful for foxes as it may seem.

Some foxes, they claim, look thin, and some of them were chained or sat in a cage. Not very much like a natural habitat.

And little foxes are taken away from their parents after 1 month.

This is done, it is claimed, to make them more friendly with tourists.

The best time to visit is, of course, in sunny weather.

Or in the winter when the snow falls. If you get to the zoo in cloudy weather, then you risk catching wet foxes shivering from the cold.

They will not really want to play with you.

When you first enter the territory of this reserve, you notice that foxes perceive you as a stranger and come up with caution, but after 20 minutes they get used to it and are not at all afraid of approaching or eating from their hands.

Some can even be patted under the supervision of zoo workers. Now that the animals have become accustomed to you, you can take pictures with them as much as you like.

It is advisable to move away from those cells where several foxes are kept, the smell there is not very good.

It is better, of course, to see everything with your own eyes – all 6 species of foxes and how they are kept.

The main reason why tourists go to this place is to make friends with such cute animals.

As scientists believe, in ancient times, primitive man tamed foxes, and they lived with man like domestic dogs.

It would be funny to see people walking the dogs and cats and foxes on the streets.

In this contact zoo, foxes are not the only animals.

At the entrance you can take pictures and pet rabbits and small ponies.

On the territory of the reserve, various wooden houses of several floors were built, on which foxes climb to rest or warm up.

You can admire not only foxes, but also the mountains on which this entertainment menagerie is located.

If you have free time, you can wander through the mountains.

Foxes on the snow

Fox Village is located near the town of Shiroishi, which can be reached by taxi or train. You will need another 20-30 minutes to walk from the station to the destination.

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