Derawar Fort Video

Pakistan seemed to be not the very best place for tourism.

However, nowadays Pakistan’s authorities by great attention to the tourism development throughout the country.

A lot of YouTube travel bloggers have already visited Pakistan and shared their stories and reviews.

It is quite difficult to name at least several tourist attractions as Pakistan was not a popular destination for years, to say the least.

But as Pakistan opens its doors to everyone you will be impressed with how culturally and historically rich this country is.

Even in distant deserts, there are places worth visiting. One of such places is Derawar Fort.

It is a very ancient defensive building that was built in the 9th century. Derawar Fort was built to honor the king of that time by a local ruler.

At first, the Fort had the name of Dera Rawal (Rawal is the name of the king).

Time passes and people start to pronounce the name of the Fort as Darawar.

The Darawar Fort faced many enemies for hundreds of years.

And many times enemies partially destroyed the walls of it. Also some time ago archaeologists found a 1000-year-old shell from a catapult just at the walls of the fort.

he Fort has been rebuilt again and again. It had a strategic location for centuries.

It is located in the Cholistan desert on the place of the ancient river of Hakra.

Due to such location, local people of Derawar had instant access to the deep deposits of water.

In 2016 the Fort was on the list for inclusion to the UNESCO World Heritage.

For now, you won’t see any caravans with valuable goods that stop here for rest.

Since the Fort is not important anymore, the walls are in terrible condition and despite the authorities’ promise to restore them a long time ago, they are still not rebuilt.

Although the condition of the walls leaves much to be desired it still attracts tourists and local people.

The fort is privately owned and if you want to enter inside it you will need special permission.

Without a doubt, this place should be on your travel list.
It is a great chance to see the symbol of the Desert.

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