Peace, I’m Evon.

I’m an Afrikan Woman, Mama and Accomplisher-Of-All-I-Put-My-Mind-To.

Originally born in Northern VA, in the USA, I’m a global citizen who finds home where ever my heart is.

A year ago I was blessed to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Before going, while planning for the trip, I researched variousactivities to do there.

I stumbled across a package that would allow me to see Wild Dolphins and maybe even get a chance to swim with them.

I had just taken professional swimming lessons, for the first time, earlier that summer, so, though nervous, I felt attending an excursion like that would give me a chance to challenge myself with my new swimming skills.

Particularly, challenge me to do something I’d never done before but always dreamed of: jumping into the sea/ocean! 

When the day arrived to go, my stomach had become a butterfly farm and to say I was nervous, was an understatement.  I told myself I would keep checking in withmyself, while on the trip, to see how I felt and I would only jump in and attempt to swim with any wild dolphins if I truly wanted to in those moments.

I also told myself I would be just fine with just seeing Wild Dolphins and not jumping in. 

When we arrived at the Marina, we listened to a short presentation on dolphins and then was instructed to board the boat. There were only a few others in the group for our outing.

It didn’t take long at all before we started spotting Wild Dolphins. They were beautiful and looked so majestic.

Our hosts were whistling to them and communicating with them and that in of itself was amazing to witness. 

And then the time was upon us, our hosts were asking us who wanted to jump in to swim with the Dolphins we’d come upon.

I let a few others go before me, wanting to observe how they did.  They did fine but the Dolphins didn’t stick around to play. 

And then, very quickly, more Dolphins were spotted and our hosts were asking who else wanted to take a try.  Before I could stop myself, I raised my hand and volunteered to go. 

As I prepared to jump by putting on snorkeling gear, flippers, and a life jacket, I took a lot of deep breathes and kept reminding myself that I’d only go under briefly before returning to the surface. 

I was sooooo scared but felt it was time to face one of my wildest fears. I did as our host instructed and straddled the side of the pontoon boat. 

After another deep breath, instead of jumping, I did the funniest slide into the sea, figuring the less momentum I used getting into the water, the quicker I’d return to the surface.

I told you I was scared!

When I made contact with the water, I was holding my breath and my eyes were closed.  Those few moments under water felt like an ETERNITY and I did my best not to panic as I came back to the surface.

I was above water again!! I’d done it!! I gulped in all sorts of air and tried not to choke as I’d accidentally gotten some seawater in while inhaling upon returning to the surface. 

And then I started laughing at how ridiculous I felt trying to hide that I was choking! And then I remembered to start swimming over to where our host was diving down to play with the Dolphins. It was a lot more work because I had a life jacket on but it was worth it to me to feel more secure. 

Once I reached where she and the Dolphins were, she came back up and motioned to look behind me.

I was shocked to see the Dolphins were swimming so close to me, I could reach out and touch them! That was the first time in my life I’d ever been that close to a Dolphin.

It was scary to realize how much bigger than me they really are.  They are very powerful and we had already been instructed not to touch them, no matter how tempted we were. 

Then our host motioned to look into the water directly beneath us.  I was in awe to see such big mammals playing around right below me. 

To bear witness to this was an humbling experience and I hadn’t expected to have such an emotional reaction but I did. 

And then, just like that, they were bored with us and moved on to other adventures. 

As I swam back to the boat, I knew I’d return home a bit more confident than when I left because I finally faced one of my Wildest Fears. 

Eternally Grateful,


Author’s Bio – A blogger, author, journalist, poet, songwriter, vocalist, ghostwriter, curriculum developer and more, Evon has been writing for over 20 years.

Her vast experience from various walks of life (single mom, diagnosed with various mental illnesses, etc.) has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics.

She especially enjoys burning capes anyone may try to put on her back.  Connect with her at



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  2. Congrats, dear Evon!! You did an amazing job!
    You are so brave you can be proud of yourself!! Sending you much love from Austria/ Europe!

  3. looks like a great experience! thank you for presenting us with your story and courageousness! would you mind sharing what boat/tour company you used?

  4. I have been reading out many of your posts and i can claim pretty nice stuff. I will surely bookmark your site.

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