Everyone heard about Disney Lands around the world.

Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida near Orlando is one of them.

But what stands it out among others is the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.

Epcot is a theme park at Walt Disney World Resort, and it arranges an annual garden festival.

Usually, the festival starts on the 1st of March and lasts about three of four months until May or even June.

The first time when the festival opened its door to the visitors was in 1994. 

During this spring flower festival, you will meet your old friends from cartoons.

This time all the characters will be in blossom and made with the help of flowers and various plants.

The whole garden is full of gigantic creatures and objects formed by skilled florists specially for the Epcot Festival and welcomes international and domestic tourists every year.

 Favorite Disney characters are not the only thing you can see in the park.

There are a lot of interactive playgrounds as well as useful and interesting educational exhibitions.

You will know more about how plants grow or when and how to plant them. 

There are also some small theme gardens where you will see unrealistic colors of exotic flowers and even prehistoric plants.

And the main feature of the garden is, of course, Disney topiaries.

“Topiary is the art of cutting trees and bushes into different shapes, for example into the shapes of birds or animals.”

Amazingly, how trees can be accurately similar to for example Beauty and the Beast.

There are about two dozen themed parks here.

You may appear in Shakespeare Garden in the United Kingdom pavilion and within minutes relocate to Germany.

Do not worry if you are afraid to get lost in this flower paradise.

While entering the park you will get the Festival Passport.

You will have all the information about gardens, exhibits, concert times and even outdoor kitchen menus at hand.

When you enter the park, be sure to pick up the Festival Passport! It includes detailed information about the topiary and garden destinations, concert times and the Outdoor Kitchen menus.

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

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