FYI The Burning Man Festival in 2020 will be online because of coronavirus.

Can you have fun in the desert?

Of course yes! – all the participants of the annual burning man festival, which takes place in the Black Rock desert in the USA, will answer for sure.

For just only eight days in the desert of Nevada, a new town appears in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dust and sand, created by the participants on their own from scratch.

After the Festival comes to an end, you will not find any traces of this town. Each and every participant keeps strictly to the rule: neither litter nor waste should be left in this area.

The festival Burning Man was founded by two people back in 1986 and to this day it gathers a huge number of people trying to express themselves by all available means.

Each person at the festival is a participant, you can not come here and just watch, you simply will not be allowed in.

It is a must for all the people to contribute a piece of his or her fantasy to this art insanity.

Here you can see what in your ordinary life will shock you: cars converted into all possible objects, weird animal costumes, art installations and tribe-like dances, not to mention musicians, who are giving concerts at every corner without break for sleep.

The idea of the Festival belongs to several friends who once burnt a tall wooden man ( about 2,5 m) and a wooden dog as an act of as they say “radical self-expression”. It was cool so they did it next year too.

Every year other participants were joining this performance until the festival grew to a worldwide scale.

Now people from all over the world come to the Black Rock Desert, the festival is no longer a local event of a few eccentric men. And now it is almost impossible to get tickets for this festival.

It is pretty expensive entertaining, for example in 2018 – 2019 tickets on the official website of the festival could be found at a price of 425 dollars and can reach as high as $1200.

As for those who wanted to pass by their own car, they had to pay another 80 bucks for each car.

Also take into account, that there is no comfortable accommodation at all. The only exception is toilets.

Participants must organize their own life on their own. So do not forget your tent and blanket, or maybe you have better option such as a trailer. However some people are sleeping right in the the open air.

So if you have a tent you can put it up only in certain areas, in order to form a huge geometric figure, for example a semicircle that can be seen by birds from the sky or a drone.

There are other opportunities to attend the festival. For example, you can join the festival as a volunteer or present your own art installation for the festival.

It is worth noting that the territory of the festival is located at the bottom of the dried lake, so the dust under your feet will cover everything from clothing to hands and face.

Despite the expensive entrance to the festival, you won’t spend a lot during 8 days of entertaining.

All you can buy is a cup of coffee, well maybe ice.

There are no shops, people bring all their food with them. But don’t worry it is a common practice here to share food and drinks with others.

The organizers suppose, that each participant is a member of a large family, and relatives do not sell each other food.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of requirements and restrictions for people who desire to participate in this out of world even, but 70 – 80 thousand people who bough tickets within seconds (they can only be bought online) prove every year that these are not obstacles, but part of the holiday culture.

In 2019, as stated on the official website, the event takes place from August 25 to September 2.

And how to read the inscription on the site “burning man” – this is not a festival, but a city in which its inhabitants-participants themselves create what is happening.

Do not waste your time and get ready for the next event in 2020 in advance: think over costumes, pick up a tent, make a list of things and food for 8 days.

Do not forget to get a visa to the US if you still do not have it and pack your bag. There you can see others and show off yourself.

Burning Man Festival

And prepare a camera to take pictures of a huge figure of a burning wooden man. You will remember this even for life.

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