Anyone that has ever visited Bangkok will tell you the chaos of the traffic in the massively populated city is overwhelming.

Before I left the United States, I had heard about a completely green area in the Bangkok city limits and I decided to explore it.

One day during my two weeks in Bangkok I took a day trip with a bicycle tour company to explore the green lung amongst the urban empire.

We started The Colors of Bangkok Biking Tour in the city. The group was small, just me, the guide and a gentleman from Holland.

After a quick bike ride through the perilous traffic of Bangkok we rode through the area known as the slum. In this area, biking was quite difficult as the concrete pathways were very narrow, elevated and had occasional hairpin turns.

We arrived at the first stop, a small temple in the city. Here we spent a few moments learning about the Buddhist religion and admiring all the buildings.

After another quick ride through the city my guide, my biking companion and I loaded our bikes onto a small boat and crossed the Chao Phraya River to Bang Kachao.

Bang Kachao is also known as the green lung of Bangkok. It is referred to as the green lung for two reasons: the approximate 6.2 square mile island is shaped like a lung, and it has an abundance of trees and other plant life.

This green space absorbs 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually and produces six million tons of oxygen per day.

Presently 60 percent of the island has remained undeveloped.

As a result, the humidity was significantly less on Bang Kachao compared to the inner city.

Farming is the main occupation on the island. The crops grown here include jackfruit, coconut, bananas, pomerac and mangoes.

Our group had stopped for a lunch that included delicious Tom Yum soup. After the break, we then rode the bikes through the beautiful and serene Sri Nakorn Khuankhan Park.

The paths here were quite wide and much easier to navigate the bicycle. We stopped over by the lake and fed the fish. Afterwards, we were shown a presentation of Thai boxing at an open air Muay Thai school. 

Our small group then rode back to the pier and crossed the river and returned to the chaos of the inner city. The tour company provided me with a video of the experience so I will always remember the day I spent biking through the Green Lung. 

Cycling in Bangkok

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